This is from a friend who has been working so hard to get this bill passed for the protection of the Tennessee Walking Horses. For more information, please check out the blog archive. This is the latest:


“If we can’t get the Past Act to the floor in this session, we will have to start all over again gathering co-sponsors.. It will be a huge disappointment for all of us but we must continue to fight to end soring.. We made unbelievable progress this past year.. be prepared to put Plan B into action.. That is to keep the public awareness at an all time high.. The sore lick industry is floundering.. let’s continue to keep the pressure on Congress.”

So little time left to convince your congress people to support THE PAST ACT. Please keep trying. Please share with friends. This dirty little secret is not so secret anymore, keep it exposed for what it is: animal abuse. Remember, the Horse Protection Act of 1973 was supposed to put a stop to ALL SORING. it failed. The Past Act will put more teeth in this, it is not a new act. You can read about my personal experiences of seeing and competing against sored Tennessee walking horses in the pleasure divisions, with my wonderful horses, included my stallion (now gelded and retired with us in Prescott AZ, Praise Hallelujah, in my book: “The Horse That Wouldn’t Trot”