Awesome new book coming, and I will likely retire with this one. When we moved to Arizona from Indiana six years ago, I missed my Indiana friends and family. We live in a lovely setting and the weather is fabulous, but I was lonely. Slowly but surely, I found new friends and in chatting with them, realized they had some interesting stories to tell. With one of my best new friends, Nadine, (who was my driver) we traipsed the Arizona country side chatting, recording and then I began writing stories.

Some of the ladies are bonne fide ranch women, others just qualified because they “had land and animals.”  Maybe only an acre or two, and an animal or two, but had stories.  The manuscript is off the the publisher and I hope to have the book in a month…or two. I have a Facebook page for GIRLS CAN BE COWBOYS TOO! where I will post updates and some pictures and links for some of the gals. I hope you will follow/ like and SHARE with your friends. This is really and truly a super book about fascinating ladies. I know you will love it as much as I enjoyed meeting and writing about them. And it will be available for Christmas gift giving! GIRLS CAN BE COWBOYS TOO!  NEW COVER

This is Jane. She has a story in the book!