I am trying to update my blog more often. am starting with this tip:
When I was a young girl growing up on a northern Pennsylvania farm, my mom swore I kept the barn cleaner than my room. And she was oh so right! A little has changed over the many, many years since then, but one thing that hasn’t changed is that if I clean, I would like it to STAY clean at least for a while. We moved from Indiana to Arizona in June of this year and I must say, Arizona is difinitely dustier than Indiana, and that includes the inside of the house, even in winter with the doors and windows closed. I met a new friend the other day and asked her if it was just my house or what? She said it is Arizona. Well, be that as may be, it is so depressing for someone who would rather be enjoying the beautiful sunny Novembe…r days, preferably on my mule, to dust the same thing over and over. Having a long haired cat named Miss Molly, didn’t help either.

Believe it or not, there are other ladies who have the same problem no matter where they live. On the internet I found the recommendation of an antistatic product, that sprayed or wiped on a dresser, chair, what have you, kept the dust from settling back on it, almost before I had turned my back. Well, let me tell you, I had a lot of fun cleaning yesterday with my new product, and today things looked like I had just dusted. For all you other horsewomen who either hate to clean…or want things to stay clean, check out this product! http://www.photodon.com/c/Anti-Static-Spray.html

I tried it several ways….sprayed on a rag, diluted in a small amount of water and wringing out my cleaning cloth in it, or my favorite at the moment…dampen a rag, spray generously and wipe on surfaces. yippee!! now off to riding Susie Q, my favorite mule

let me know if you try it and what YOU think!See More