The Horse That Wouldn’t Trot

The Horse That Wouldn’t Trot: Lessons Learned and Memories Shared is part memoir of one woman’s journey to success from the show ring to the breeding shed; part history of the Tennessee Walking Horse which sadly must include the abusive practice of “soring” used on some show horses, and full of poignant horse and human relationship stories, some sad, some funny, but all shared with her love for the horse. Rose’s honest and straightforward approach to sharing her compelling journey to become a true horsewoman is endearing and humbling. The detail and humor in which she shares her memories is fascinating. Learn about breeding, foaling, and showing horses through the special stories of extraordinary stallions and mares.

Rose is a member of Friends of Sound Horses, and a lifetime member of the National Walking Horse Association (NWHA,) 2 organizations dedicated to the humane treatment of Tennessee Walking Horses. She received the NWHA Phoenix Award for her extraordinary efforts toward the betterment of the Tennessee Walking Horse. She has been a horse show judge.

The Horse That Wouldn’t Trot is Rose’s first book.


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