My name is Lottie. I am a mule. I belong to Karen who I love very much. We have been together for thirty years because I am thirty and I was born on her farm. A few weeks ago I hurt my stifle and back. Yes, I know, mules are supposed to be accident free because we are very smart and take care of ourselves, but what can I say.? Maybe that I am old and forgot something. Karen was very upset, I don’t think with me, hopefully just that I got hurt somehow.

She met a new friend named Rose. Rose has mules too, and wrote a book about them. I bet it is a good one. (MULES, MULES AND MORE MULES ) Karen asked Rose to come visit me and see if she knew what my problem was. Rose told Karen that on a whim, she put her treatment laser in the car. Not sure it was a whim, I think I told her and because she tries to listen to her animals talk to her, she heard me. People wonder how we animals know these things; I cannot explain it either, but suggest you humans just accept we are very special creatures.

I know Rose was sad to see me. My back was humped and my left foot was off the ground. It really hurt somewhere. I had to walk a distance to an electric outlet for my laser treatment. It was hard, but I hoped this laser thing would help so I put on my big girl mule panties and ‘ponied up.’

I didn’t really feel anything as she held the laser on my back along the spine and then the stifle, but when she was done, I felt my tummy gurgle. I hadn’t felt like eating my breakfast hay and left a lot of it in the feeder. Rose was impressed. She told Karen that was a good thing. She also said that mules are pretty stoic and hers didn’t show that the treatments had helped by blowing their noses, licking and chewing or shaking their heads like horses do. Yes, we mules are funny that way. Keep the people guessing is our motto. But I couldn’t control my tummy, so Rose figured it had helped.

Well, let me tell you: I could sure walk back to the stall better. Karen and Rose were happy. Rose said she had never seen a laser treatment work that fast. I just smiled. When I got back to my hay feeder, I dove in and started eating. I did feel better!

Rose told Karen that if it helped and she wanted to take me to her Little Bit of Heaven Ranch, she would treat me more.  It did help and I felt better and could stand a little on the bad left leg. Karen called the vet too. I really like Dr. Killistrom. He was kind and gentle and sad that I was hurt. He told her he thought I had pulled the stifle and my back and butt when I tried to get up after rolling. Maybe that did it. If so, then I am not to blame. Those things just happen especially when you get older. He gave her some medicine and thought the laser thing would be great.

Karen’s friend Charlie said he would trailer me, but it rained and rained and rained and Chino Valley had flood warnings posted. We had to wait, but on Sunday I loaded in the trailer and I was off to a new adventure. Since mules (and maybe horses) can read minds, I was getting an impression of my new herd mates from Rose. I knew she would keep me safe and I would do my mule girl part to stay out of more trouble. I was a little worried about Sunday Praise, the only horse on the ranch. I had heard she was a real bitch. Oops, can I say that?

The other three equines were mules, and I was sure I could get along with them. Karen gave me some medicine to make the trip more comfortable, but really, I was feeling much better. I loaded and unloaded and traveled well.  The mule, Daisy Mae, was calling when the trailer pulled up. She sounded ok. I had heard that she and Sunday had a feud going on. Sunday is boss but Daisy wants to be, so that could be interesting. However, I have no intention of being a boss, so we should be friends.

The barn was nice, clean and quiet and still cool at late morning. The other mules and Sunday looked at me as I walked in. I bet they didn’t see many white mules! But they were okay with my color. I am an Appaloosa mule and at one time I was beautiful with many spots—a leopard, but I lost them as I aged; now I am just white. Karen doesn’t care; she loves me no matter what color I turned out to be.

I was put in a stall which was pleasant. It had a small turn out area and Rose told Karen I would stay there to be safe, but the other mules and of course, Sunday, could come up to the fence. She asked Karen if I would mind my own business because she said the others would be “in my face” over the fence. Hey, I am old and wise. I know how to handle that problem: keep away from the fence. No worries here.

Karen brought some hay and my grain and supplements, but to be honest, I liked Rose’s hay better. She said it was from a neighbor’s hay field. Yumm. I got some as a treat. The others were turned outside to eat hay, but I stayed in my nice safe stall area. I could see them and they could come up and touch my nose if I wanted, over the stall, but I kept to myself.

Actually so far Daisy seems the friendliest. I hope she knows I will cause her no problem. She can be boss over me. Susie had her ears back. I thought she was the sweetest, according to Rose. Maybe she has that wrong. Ruth Ann ignored me. She is older too and has arthritis. Maybe she thought it not worth her time to bother with me. We shall see, I guess. Sunday came up to my stall front and stuck her nose out, but she had her ears up, so I guess she was being friendly. Then she spun around and chased Daisy. Glad I am in my stall!