I definitely agree with Heather. Check it out before you get upset. I too, have seen things that are not correct. We do love our animals and want to help them, we just must be diligent in what we do. I pray daily for all those wonderful folks who rescue/foster/adopt the unfortunate. My latest book: Little Miss Muffitt has all profits donated to small local rescues. http://www.rosemiller.net


hoaxWritten by:  Heather Clemenceau

Twice within a few days, the otherwise exemplary Facebook advocacy group “In Defense of Animals” succumbed to sensationalism and posted two articles sourced from satirical websites believing them to be factual. The Empire News article, which saw over 2,000 shares on the IDA Facebook page, claimed that “the gambling industry has been quietly seeking a controversial betting offshoot – legalized and industry regulated dog fighting.” Of course this is carefully tailored nonsense since dog-fighting is a felony across the United States. Wonkette is a online magazine of topical satire and political gossip, and the IDA mistakenly posted this article entitled “The National Rifle Association Paves The Way For Dogs and Cats To Be Eaten.” The article actually discusses the NRAs vested interest in the continuation of pigeon shoots, which is true, but they add a layer of falsity to…

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