kitties Braveheart 2Kittens growing fast. I have another project and it has taken me away from the kitties. My other 3 books are “Pet Memoirs” about horses, mules and dogs. During the 3 years of living here, I have met some fabulous “Ranch Women.” They tell some fantastic stories of home on the range, so I thought: why not try and put them into a new book. I have to interview, record and write. I have done a few and we will see how it goes. Also thought I might share in installments here on my blog because I don’t know how long or “if ever” the stories will see book form and some are just too fun not to share. Anyway, back to the cats.

Braveheart is absolutely adorable. I am able to allow them out of their cage into the freedom of the bedroom. Usually he comes out from under the bed where they spend most of the day sleeping, when I enter the room. He meows and looks at me, thus he gets lots more attention. Thunder, or Mr. T is pretty tame in that I can pick him up, but only when he is in the cage. Then he purrs. Braveheart purrs a lot. Little Miss Sapphire is very timid, or cagey, as perhaps feral females tend to be? She is the last to go in the cage for supper and I have to almost leave the room, or hide behind the door for her to go in.

Dr. Delia McDonald, the vet who aided sweet Charm into the next world came out a week later to treat Buttercup the Dobe for anxiety. I had her look at the kitties because ALL of them had squinty eyes. Strangely, or not, each kitten’s eye that watered and squinted was on the same side as the ear that was tipped after their surgery because they are ferals. I am sure there is a connection. She said to use ointment or my Veterycin eye liquid several times a day. Super. Just what cats love…NOT.

Braveheart was wonderful and cooperative, never minded in the least. Mr. T wasn’t too bad after I got him, but little Miss, not so much. I could reach in, pet and then pick up T and doctor him. Miss S made me crawl into the cage. She didn’t run, just hunched down and tried to make herself small. What is nice is that even she does not scratch, bite or squall. Once picked up she sort of went into a mode of “what will be, will be” and we got it done. Now all three are ok and life is better for all of us.

I know Braveheart (who still needs a shorter “cool” name) will be my house kitty. I wish I could keep T also, but Miss S will have to go to the barn and I cannot send her there alone, even though there are 3 other ferals living happily together there. Every now and then I wonder what it would be like to have feral cats living in the house! They sleep all day anyway no matter where they are…

Yesterday was a big day for Braveheart. I took him into my bedroom/office and let him cavort while I worked. He found a potted plant right away and thought he should pee in it. He listened when I shouted “no” to him and scrambled back out before doing his potty. I had been putting him in the soft pet carry case and holding him on my lap for evening tv watching. He popped out of the opening in the top I left for him and lay on the top of the case or in my lap. Of course, all the dogs thought he was a new toy. He isn’t afraid of them right now as all the kittens are used to the dogs coming in and seeing them while in their cage. When they are eventually loose, they will have to be more careful.

So good news. Everything progressing nicely at this point!

If anyone has a super name for Braveheart, please share with me!