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Little Miss MuffittForgot to add the contact info for the books on previous post. to buy direct from me, or also an amazon link. all books are available as ebooks, Little Miss Muffitt will be available soon as ebook.


Anything Equne or Canine

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The third book in my series of animal/pet related memoirs is now available. LITTLE MISS MUFFITT: Guardian of my Heart, A Tribute to Those Special Dogs Who Capture Our Hearts and Stay Forever” is a charming collection of the remarkable dogs that have traipsed through my life, heart and family. Dobermans, K9s, fosters, rescues, cow dogs, a special Giant Schanuzer named Blue and of course, Little Miss Muffitt. Muffitt came along in my life at a time of great heartbreak from losing two beloved Dobermans so closely together. I had decided that I would not get any more dogs. There was one in the family already, loved by Bob who lived with us and was like a son. We would share Victoria, I reasoned. Well, that “reasoning” lasted exactly two weeks. The emptiness that captured my soul needed to be remedied. Down the road were Miniature Schanuzer puppies and one was just waiting for me to come call. I looked at the little hairy furballs and my heart melted. Surely was not my favorite Doberman breed, but who could resist? I sat on the floor with all the puppies when soon I noticed that one had curled up beside my leg while the rest scampered about. Little Miss Muffitt had chosen her person–me.  That was the beginning of nearly 17 years of companionship. Muffitt helped run the horse farm, went to horse shows, taught  fostered dogs our routine, mothered abandoned kittens, helped discipline my  rowdy gray goose Albert, and eventually warmed to our two  granddaughters. This book is about the common dog–your dog, dogs that are loved for themselves, dogs who love us unconditionally. Some K9 stories are included as both a daughter and a son-in-law were Elkhart, Indiana K9 officers, and these dogs are heroic.

One of our last Dobermans, Hershey, made the trip to Arizona with us when we moved in 2012. She was Bob’s dog and he made a youtube video of her. She had a heart condition and passed away peacefully in front of the barn, guarding her new home and family.

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