Stallion Handlers Should Be Moms

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I loved my stallions. When I was breeding, I had seven different ones, but only ever two at one time. They all had their quirks. Xanadu and Praise Hallelujah were ‘De Bombs’ Two of the very, very best the Tennessee Walking Horse breed had to offer.

IN APPRECIATION OF CLAY HARLIN and others like him who have fought against the soring of the Tennessee Walking Horse

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Today I want to share an award that Clay Harlin, who is the son of Bill Harlin (who recently passed away), just received for his efforts to stand up against the awful practice of soring the Tennessee Walking Horse. Doing so nearly ruined the Harlinsdale breeding farm, as he and his dad were ostracized for his stance. It was rough during that time for anyone to come out against soring. The fight continues. This is a good review and wrap-up about soring and ends with hopeful words that we WILL WIN this fight! I bought my exceptional stallion, Praise Hallelujah, as a two year old from Mr. Harlin in 1990. We worked very hard to train and ride him SOUND and compete against sored pleasure horses during that era. The last half of my book: The Horse That Wouldn’t Trot, which I wrote to share my love of the Walking Horse, but also to expose soring as I saw it, is about Praise Hallelujah.


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