I am a firm believer in that statement! I love to read the type of books that I write: Animal non-fiction. Sometimes it is hard to find a good book, and the reviews and comments by others helps a great deal. I just finished reading Lawrence Anthony’s book: “The Elephant Whisperer” and I wholeheartedly recommend it to all animal lovers! A Five Star Review doesn’t do it justice.  One of the reasons I loved it was that I had recently finished reading “Last Chain on Billie” which was a good book, should be read, but was sad beyond belief as to how human kind has treated elephants throughout centuries. Circus care, or lack there of was the worst to read about, as I had loved going to the circus as a child. That book however, piqued my interest in elephants, so when I saw “The Elephant Whisperer” I had to read it. Another thing tickling my interest was the word “Whisperer.” As a horse lover, owner, former trainer, breeder and judge, I knew a lot about horse whispering. How did one go about whispering to an elephant?

You can read all about the book from Amazon, and you can google Thula Thula, the Reserve, and then you can drool with the idea of going there yourself. Sadly, Lawrence Anthony passed away at age 62, in 2012. The elephants he so loved and who so loved him, have come back on the anniversary day of his passing  to pay homage and respect.

After reading the book, I have come to believe elephants are better than many humans, smarter and more loving. And we are killing them off.

Please consider reading this fabulous book by a wonderful conservationist.