Reviewed By Gisela Dixon for Readers’ Favorite

Girls Can Be Cowboys Too! by Rose Miller is a non-fiction biographical sketch of women who handle all of the things on a ranch that cowboys do and what their lives and experiences are like. Rose has refrained from using the word “cowgirl” since it does not seem to imply the same level of ranch or animal expertise that the word “cowboy” does. The book is composed of chapters that detail the lives of each of these ranch women from various parts of the US, generally the southwestern part of the US. The stories cover tales that showcase a love for animals, be they horses, dogs, or any animal for that matter, the many jobs that need to get done on a ranch and how these women manage them, their early backgrounds and how they learnt the skills to be ranch women, their love of the land and nature, fighting the inevitable natural disasters at times such as wildfires, animal rescue and preventing cruelty and abuse of animals, and more.

I liked reading Girls Can Be Cowboys Too by Rose Miller and loved that it showcased the relatively little known ranch women or wives who have a huge share in running these ranches. There is a lot of focus on animal and pet stories in this book and issues such as animal slaughter, and animal abuse definitely need to be brought to mainstream society’s attention which this book attempts to do, which I appreciated. The stories range from humorous, to exciting and adventurous, or even sad at times. In short, these stories are more than just events in the lives of these women, but showcase their day-to-day lives and emotions. Rose’s casual and authentic writing style makes this a fun and educational read.