About Rose Miller

Rose Miller was born and raised in north central Pennsylvania, spending much of her youth on a farm with her family. After marrying her husband, Hal, they moved to north central Indiana where they presently reside on a 75-acre horse farm. Most of her life has been shared with animals of many kinds. She is the manager of their horse boarding facility, has raised and shown horses for over 30 years and is a lifetime member in NWHA, an organization dedicated to the humane treatment and training of Tennessee Walking Horses.She received the NWHA Phoenix Award for her extraordinary efforts toward the betterment of the Walking Horse. She has been a horse show judge. She is an artist, the mother of four children and grandmother of two, all of whom share her love and respect for animals.

Her stallions have been featured in horse magazines (not paid advertisements). Delight”s Headman on cover of 1985 Equus Stallion Supplement, Praise Hallelujah on cover of 1995 edition of Horse Illustrated, and on the July 2006 issue of NWHA’s National News.

She has written numerous articles for Voice Magazine, Sound Advice and National News.

After loosing their first little farm to a tornado in 1965, Rose and her husband Hal eventually moved to a larger farm where Rose began fulfilling the desire to become a horsewoman she had possessed since she was a very young child. Starting out their horse life with Arabian horses, Rose discovered that because of her lower back she couldn’t ride their spirited trots. Her Chiropractor husband suggested she ride a smooth gaited breed that didn’t trot, the Tennessee Walking Horse. That began 30 plus years of personal growth and accomplishment with these marvelous smooth gaited horses.

Rose retired from showing horses in 2006 and began writing about all the animals in her life from childhood to the present. The first book, The Horse That Wouldn’t Trot, is about the horses. The next one will be about her mules, with more animal tales to follow. You may reach her at rosemiller2@frontier.com


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