Welcome to the World, Puppies!

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Sharing in the hopes it might help find homes for the pups and Dixieland. You can read more about them on her previous blogs. Please think about fostering and adopting. So many dogs, so few homes.

Another Good Dog™

The last time I whelped puppies, it didn’t go so well. It’s been over 18 months since that tragedy, but it still crept into the back of my mind when I watched Dixieland in the whelping box.

Fostering a pregnant dog is exciting and amazing, but it is also terrifying. These dogs come with no history, no prenatal care, lots of stress (theirs and yours), and normally no timeline. I was lucky to have a general idea of when Dixie’s pups were due because of the x-ray she had to check out her broken back leg.

As the days ticked past the ‘due date’,

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Finally– a Rescue!

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I read Cara’s book, I feel her pain. She has a beautiful way with words, so I am going to share her blog and hope others will also share so that more people will see how important it is to FOSTER and adopt, but fostering is a big help in getting a dog rescued and into a loving home. In Prescott AZ we have a new rescue:  AARF That is just getting off the ground. Liz, one of the gals running it is in my new book: GIRLS CAN BE COWBOYS TOO! Please “like” and share this blog so that your friends will be inspired along with us.

Another Good Dog™

After a fun night and day in Nashville with my hubby in which we discovered my book at Parnassus Books (Ann Patchett’s bookstore!), visited a few honky tonks, got some much needed rest, and I bought new cowboy boots (!), we headed to Scott County, VA to visit the shelter that inspired my book.

Back in summer 2016, I was about forty foster dogs in to my rescue adventures when I attended a training seminar with OPH. We heard about how the rescue came to be, how many dogs we had collectively rescued to date (6000, I think it was), and then we heard from some special guests. Rachel and Ashley had come all the way from Scott County, Virginia. Ashley was a volunteer and foster mom and Rachel was a volunteer, foster mom, and rescue coordinator for the Scott County Humane Society.

As I’ve learned, at many rural shelters…

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ANOTHER GOOD DOG a book by Cara Sue Achterberg

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dogs 3 in kitchen

OUR DOGS  Buttercup, Winston, and Lady Bird 

Adopt, foster, rescue?? All good ideas in the land of too many dogs (cats) and not enough homes. Cara Sue started fostering after she lost her “heart dog” and hasn’t stopped  yet. She was up to 50 at the time of the book writing. She is on the East coast and works with a rescue group. Here is her Facebook page for Another Good Dog  and the rescue group/dogs.

Our family has fostered a few cats and dogs, but we were mostly “foster fails” because we just kept them. After loosing Lady Blue our lovely Giant Schnauzer, our home and heart have a big hole. Because I am scheduled to have a hip replacement in October, and then recover, we had decided to wait to get another dog. After all, having four dogs after having five, doesn’t seem like enough! After reading ANOTHER GOOD DOG, I now think we may try our hand at fostering again instead of adopting. There is a new dog rescue in Prescott, AZ: AARF, and Liz, one of the gals running, it is in my new book (soon to be released):  GIRLS CAN BE COWBOYS TOO!   I am sure we will find many possible fosters in her care!

I truly recommend Another Good Dog, it is heartfelt, easy to read, and hopefully will encourage many others to foster, or at least donate. Man’s best friend is calling to us for help!

Also, please consider reading my book about dogs: Dogs, Dogs and More Dogs  ALL my book money is donated to places like AARF.  It is a fun read about how to do some things and how NOT to do others!

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