LITTLE MISS MUFFITT review by reader

by Rose Miller


Heartfelt and therapeutic for this reader, January 6, 2015

By katphoti “Sore No More – Gaited Horse Enthusiast” (Apache Junction, AZ United States)

This review is from: Little Miss Muffitt: Guardian of My Heart: A Tribute to All Those Special Dogs Who Capture Our Hearts and Stay Forever (Paperback)

I own and have read all of Rose’s books, and I think this one might just be my favorite. What I love about Rose’s books is her conversational writing, as if she is sitting right next to you telling her stories. She is honest and forthright, which makes her stories more interesting and heartfelt. It was very educational to learn more about breeds I don’t have a lot of experience in. As a child, there was a very friendly and beautiful Doberman female that lived next door to us. Her name was Duchess, and she would come and stand with her front paws on the fence for us to pet her and love on her. So it was great to learn more about a breed I’ve always admired. I also really appreciated how much she delved into the K9s in her life. It was great to hear such amazing stories about K9s and how they do–or sometimes don’t–work with their handlers. Another part of this book was very important to me. I am currently dealing with an old dog and an old cat who aren’t doing too well. Both of these pets we’ve had for many years, and while they are having a hard time, they are still bright eyed and want attention. Rose’s stories about losing her dogs due to illness or just plain old age really helped me make the right decision for my own pets. For now, we will keep caring for them as long as they act happy and well. They will let me know when it’s time to let them go, and Rose’s book helped confirm that for me. I needed that confirmation so I can make sure I’m doing what’s right for my own pets and not to be selfish. I have met Rose over the Internet due to our mutual work to help save the Tennessee Walking Horse from illegal cruelty that continues within the show ring (see her book, The Horse That Wouldn’t Trot). I am so glad that she shares her stories to the public. She gives us a much-needed reprieve from negativity in the world, and her books always leave me with a true happiness is my heart.