In summer of 2019, I discovered that Dog Ear Publishing who I have been with since 2009 and my first book, had stopped paying me. I was selling books and not seeing a dime.  With help, I removed all my books from them and began publishing them myself through Ingram and Amazon.  Now all are published by ROSE MILLER BOOKS AND MORE, Prescott, AZ.  My latest book GIRLS CAN BE COWBOYS TOO! was a compilation of different awesome stories told to me by a group of simply wonderful women. Some are bonne fide ranch gals, some just have land and an animal or more, but all share the same love of county, family, animals, land and God.  Because I was having so much fun interviewing and writing, the book got very large with 523 pages.  When I took over publishing my books, I revised this one, and now it is two books, a Volume I and Volume II. These books sell for 11.99 and 5.99 eBook. For more up-to-date information on this book visit the Facebook page:  Girls Can Be Cowboys Too! Please visit my website where you may read a preview of ALL my books thanks to Amazon. GirlCowboy1 copy.jpg