THIS IS A RE-BLOG from a friend. The message is terrific whether you are training horses, mules, dogs or your children (smile) or yourself. Enjoy

from a horse

I hate writing, or it seems like I hate writing. I avoid it at every opportunity. And yet when I’m not doing it, I long for it, think about it constantly, imagine what I’m going to write, wonder why I don’t write more, and how to make myself write more. I puzzle over stories and characters and plot lines, imagining how I can piece them together and make them come alive, build an entire universe and elucidate a previously dark corner of human nature. When the time comes to actually write, I’d rather be anywhere else, cleaning the toilet, doing dishes, sleeping, watching movies, playing solitaire, listening to an audio book, petting my animals, clearing brush, building fences, pulling weeds, brush hogging (a particular favorite), ANYTHING but writing. Every molecule of my body says, no, yearns for any other direction, and often gets away with it. And yet, in my…

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