Well, darn I overdid it the other day and now I am paying for it. I felt so good that Karen and I went on a long walk. (Karen walked too) It was so great to be out and checking out the new surroundings. Next day my stifle was swollen again and I was lame. So no more walks. More laser treatments and some Bute and liniment. Oh well. And since I cannot go for walks, I might as well tell more stories. Thanks to those of you who said they enjoyed my viewpoint on life. Someone said: Hearing from the ‘mule side of the fence was very entertaining and thought provoking.’ I like that. Might even be the title of my new children’s book! LOTTIE: Stories from the Mule Side of Fence the Fence.

On a brighter side, Rose hands out treats. She keeps saying she has to ask Karen if it is ok that I have them, but she forgets. I think it will be ok with Karen because she brought a whole plastic bag of carrots out one day.  Giving treats to equines is a big controversy I hear. Either it is great or a bad thing. Rose said she always uses treats for dogs and horses. Susie told me that everyone always get treats whenever any mule is saddled up for a ride and also when they get back home, and she whispered, “On the ride too!” Susie has Rose wrapped around her little mule hooves. I am the same with my Karen.

Susie has this plan that Rose allows: There are certain stopping places where treats are doled out. Daisy comes up to Rose’s leg because Bob is riding her behind Susie, and Rose pops one in her mouth, then reaches down and sticks one in Susie’s.  Every now and then Susie tries to add more stops, but usually Rose won’t listen. I think this is a fabulous plan. Like I said, we mules are smart.

The other thing is though, Rose says they all have to have good manners getting their treats, no biting, foot stomping or pushing. And all are good. (Well, Ruth Ann paws and does the mule whinny, but that is expected from her). Sunday has more of a problem with being nice. Rose tells everyone who visits and is allowed to give treats, to watch out for Sunday as she might actually “Bite the hand that feeds her.” She really isn’t mean about it, just loves food. We mules are very polite and dainty, however. We take treats with our lips ever so gently, even a little child can do it.

I sometimes miss out on the treats because I haven’t quite figured out when they are passed out, and I am outside in my pen, but I am catching on. One thing I have figured out is: The rustle of a plastic bag means yummies: Corn husks, apples or maybe carrots. I am right there on that one. Now if I can just get better again, I will be happy and take shorter walks. I hear stifle injuries take a long time to heal, so I guess there will be lots of time for telling stories…

P.S. Rose tells me that writing and telling true animal stories is lots of fun, but telling people about them is hard. I do not want to be impolite, but if you would please share my blog stories and Rose’s mule book with your friends, we would be really pleased!   MULES, MULES AND MORE MULES and of course, she does have this book about horses too: THE HORSE THAT WOULDN’T TROT.