I have to say I was impressed with Sunday. She remembered how to get to the barn the next day all on her own. Just maybe horses are not as dumb as I thought. Of course, my mother was one of the smartest horses I have ever known, but then, I might be prejudiced.  So all is well with the closed fence, and I do not feel guilty. I enjoy my little pen a lot, but sure wish the trees were not behind an electric fence. My favorite spot is standing under the overhang outside my stall. I feel lucky because I am the only one who can get under it during the day; the rest are turned out in a big pen.

I wondered about going out with all of them, but I think Rose will not let me. She says I am doing very well and we should not tempt fate. I come out now and stand straight in the barn for my treatments. Today I had a different kind. It was a sort of massage tool that her husband who was a chiropractor had used an ‘adjuster.’  It sounds sort of  like a machine gun and feels like a vibrator. I was rather shocked when I heard it, but because I am very well behaved, I just stood there.

The treatment was wonderful and Rose sure found some sore spots, now in my shoulders. Karen had said that riding in Northern California was rather severe as the mountain paths are really very steep. Again I was careful not to lick and chew or blow my nose. I kept my feelings hidden, but when she was finished and put me back, I couldn’t hold it in any longer and I think I did that stuff for a full two minutes straight. Wonder why we equines do that? It really seems rather silly.

I heard some fantastic news the last time Karen was out. She and Rose were visiting and Rose said I could stay here as long as Karen needed me to. She said I was no trouble at all. I was so happy! Rose said that her very special horse, Praise Hallelujah, had passed over the Rainbow Bridge in February, and she had that empty stall that just seemed to need another occupant.  She laughed with Karen and said, “You know how it is in a barn with an empty stall!”

Rose said she thought about adopting a rescue horse but nothing seemed to “click.” So she just put it out into the Universe and waited. Well, I think she was just waiting for me! Maybe her special Praise Hallelujah who was a Tennessee Walking Horse, had something to do with it all. Read about him and the other horses in Rose’s life in “The Horse That Wouldn’t Trot.” It is a horse book, but still worth reading. Karen is reading that one now. I will tell you how she likes it later.

I am very happy now and am signing off from the blog news. Rose says she might make it into a children’s book and let me tell stories about her other mules. I think that might be a super idea. Do you?

PS If you would enjoy my telling you about more stuff, please let Rose know in the comments or email.