Today Braveheart purred! I was wondering when that would happen. Four days ago Sherri, ‘The Cat Lady’ came for the 2 that were going to another home. With only three in the cage, it was easier to crawl in to pet Braveheart, Sapphire and Thunder. Not so easy for an old lady to turn around and get out however. Braveheart comes up to the cage door and meows when I enter the room, expecting something fun or good to happen…mostly food, but it is a start. I can reach in, pet him, and take him out, so that is big progress. The other 2 black ones are much more skittish, but I can still  pick them up while I am in the cage.

Today I noticed that Thunder’s eye looked runny, so while I was administering Vetericyn eye drops, Braveheart and Sapphire escaped out of the cage. I cannot lock it when I am inside, so must get a snap. They were easy to catch, after I finally got out, so that was progress too.  I put Braveheart  and Sapphire into the dog kennel which is on top of the bed so I can reach in, pet and cuddle anytime during the day. Today Thunder stayed in the big cage. Later I reached in to pet Braveheart and that is when he startled purring. I thought I would bring him into my office where I was working, but the space was too large and he was frightened. He tried to squeeze between a file cabinet and the wall and got stuck, fortunately I could reach him and pull him back out. I held him for a few minutes and then put him back into the dog kennel.

This is a good working plan, but as things look, Braveheart maybe the only one that makes a house kitty. Meanwhile the dogs go in for a good look, while I am present. Braveheart stands his ground and hisses. That scares the Doberman, Buttercup, enough that she leaves the room. Hope he will do that as he gets older. She needs a good cat lesson! The cats are not afraid of BIG barking dogs, at least at this point.

I take so many pictures, I have to laugh at myself. It is like new grandparents snapping photo after photo. The kittens are definitely used to the snap of a camera! Problem is the lightening in the room and black cats do not go well together, so only a few turn out. They got new toys, each has a bed of some sort–life is good!FullSizeRender (32)