Braveheart and Sapphire day 4 BRAVEHEART AND SAPPHIRE

They have been here nearly a week, and there is progress. Braveheart is brave.  He sits right in front of the door to the cage and hisses slightly when I approach, doesn’t run but won’t let me touch him. He also is the first to eat along with girly Sapphire. Leave it to the females to love their food! There is another black male that is also less frightened, but I cannot tell him from the other black one. Grayson and one black male will be leaving on Saturday, and I hope to have more luck touching Sapphire and Braveheart then. As you can see from the picture, I can definitely get closer and they stay there.

Charm left us yesterday afternoon for her new life ‘on the other side.’ It was the most peaceful passing of any of my cats. Dr. Delia McDonald who has made a business of helping pets to Heaven makes house calls, in fact that is the main idea: let your pet pass away at home peacefully. I contacted her soon after we moved here 3 years ago, as my niece, Dr. Gabriella  Henderson, had done this for me in Indiana before we moved to Arizona, and I was going to miss that kind act. As cat lovers know, helping an older very thin kitty pass can be physically difficult. Dr. Delia had been taught how to do this, and assured me Charm would not be in pain or fight the procedure. She gave a special sedative in the back of Charm’s neck (while she was purring lying on the bed) and she went to sleep, next she gave the injection in the femoral artery and she was gone quickly. I tell this in detail because the peacefulness of the whole affair was what helped me so very much. I was kicking myself that perhaps I had waited too long, but Dr. Delia thought it was the right time. As I have stated in my books about our animals, “I hate playing God” in deciding the WHEN.

So we shall see if Sapphire or Braveheart decide to be a house kitty, and the cat life of our home will go on.