rescue kitties day 3 eatingDINNER TIME

Getting ‘tamer’ in that they come out to eat before I leave the room, and stay while I stand there. The little grey male that I named Grayson, is still in the box. For the first 3 days he lay on top of one of the boxes and hissed if I came near, but didn’t leave. Now that the others feel comfortable to come out more, he stays inside the box. I think he wore himself out being on guard. I still plan on letting him go as I think he will do well as a feral, but I keep changing my mind as to who to keep. Yesterday the tabby seen eating alone in the dish and Grayson were lying on the box together, so I thought they were buddies and would let them go, but now they all are buddies with each other.

This is something I didn’t know: when ferals are caught and neutered, they ‘tip’ an ear so if ever caught again, it will be known they are neutered. They usually tip the left ear, but lucky for me, on the little black female her right ear was tipped, so I can tell her from her brothers. I definitely plan on keeping her, she seems the most laid back. Grayson is the only one I have named, it just seemed to fit. Any ideas on a special name for a black female?

The sad part of my cat story is that Charm, the black feral kitten I adopted along with her 2 sisters in Indiana 17 years ago, is nearing the end of her earthly life. About 6 months ago she started losing weight, but still happy, eating and purring. She started living in Hal’s den about that time, I think to stay away from the dogs, and have company. Hal almost lives in there along with his many books and sports on television. We decided to make an appointment with a local Prescott vet who comes to the home to help the animals pass over. In Indiana my niece, Dr. Gabriella Henderson did that with such love for us. That was one of the things I was sorry to leave behind; then I found Dr. Delia McDonald.,d.cGU. I had spoken to her several times as I knew Charm was getting closer to leaving us. That is one of the reasons I wanted to take the kittens and have chosen to keep the black female.