This was written by one of the very hardest working and very special gals  in the group who worked and fought so hard to get the Past Act passed this year. It is a good wrap up and reminder “That all is not lost, just delayed.”

It has been a long, tough battle. Everyone needs to understand; this was just a battle, NOT the war. I’ve been at this since the early 1980s, and been through many battles. Back in the beginning of my participation in this fight, people were told never to say the word “Sore”. I was instructed by an individual that was an employee of TWHBEA, back in 1982, “Do not ever discuss soring.” Needless to say, that made me, and many others, talk about it more. We’ve come a long way baby! Everyone needs to be proud, and feel a sense of accomplishment, even though this bill did not pass. Lets look at what has been accomplished as a result of this movement, and as a result of all the hard work everyone has put in on the passage of this bill. • The sore side of the TWH breed is in TOTAL MELTDOWN! • TWHBEA has the lowest membership it has had in years. • TWHBEA registrations are down. • TWHBEA transfers are down. • TWHBEA resignations are up. • TWHBEA income is down. • TWHBEA employed personnel is at an all time low. • TWHBEA building is falling apart, with no money to fix it. • Many TWHBEA sound horse supporters have dropped their membership. • TWHBEA is prohibited from many public exhibitions, such as Equine Affaires, etc. • TWHBEA had their request and money returned from the World Cup Games in Lexington, KY, and unvited, if that is a word. • The AHC (American Horse Council TWHBEA’s lobbyist) uninvited them to their convention. • People who have a history of supporting soring now control TWHBEA executive committee. • The WHTA (Walking Horse Trainer’s Assoc.) building is for sale. • Trainer’s Annual Convention had 108 RSVPs and was held at the Bell Buckle Café facility. In years past, it has been held at the Nashville Convention Center, with 1,200 trainers. • Many trainers are going out of business. • Many Shelbyville feed stores are not being paid. • Value of breeding stock is down. • Horse sales are at an all time low. • Auction barns are out of business. • Horse barns are up for sale. • Owners are jumping ship like rats. • The Trainer’s Show was very poorly supported and attended. • The Celebration participation and attendance was at an all time low. • Celebration HPA violations were at an all time high. • Shelbyville residents are turning their backs on the Celebration. • The trainers are up in arms over the Celebration VAC blood test results, and being denied their winnings from the Celebration. • The VAC got exposed for claiming Dr. Goble was part of their committee, when he said he wouldn’t touch it with a ten ft. pole. • The performance supporters continue to try to come up with a shoe and action device that will be acceptable to the AVMA/AAEP and the general public. • TWH breed is receiving negative press at a higher rate than ever before. • Most importantly, more sound horse advocates have come together to fight for the horse than ever in history! • The AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Assoc.) is lending the sound horse strong support. • The AAEP (American Assoc. of Equine Practitioners) and the AHC (American Horse Council) are no longer supporting the sore horse supporters, as has been done in the past, and are now joining the AVMA in support of reform. • Humane organizations have jumped on board in a huge way. • Flat shod sound TWH horses are being accepted in Equine Affaire type venues. • The sound horse shows are growing in size and numbers. • Sound horse trainer clinics are being conducted all over the U.S. • Sound horses are receiving huge support from not only Congress, but the press, and general public. • The WHOA flat shod International Show had a larger show than the Celebration! • The KHRC (Kentucky Horse Racing Commission) has approved ONLY sound horse HIO inspection organizations to inspect TWH for their Breeders Incentive Fund. • Only sound horses were invited to exhibit at the World Cup in Lexington, KY. Tracy Boyd resigns…… This is just a small list of some of the things that have been impacted, negatively and positively, by this movement. So, although the P.A.S.T. Act is not passing, much has been accomplished. If any of you would like to add to this list please do!! Now back to the drawing board………. time to gear up for the next battle! Don’t give up.