“It all began because of a horse friend who suggested I contact Dusty Spitler who was co-host of Prescott’s The Animal Corner on KQMA radio.http://www.kqna.com/programs/local-talk/the-pet-corner. Scroll down to 11/1/14 to hear mine.  She made an appointment to do an interview. It turned out she wasn’t there, but Steve Sischka, co-owner of Olsen’s Feed Store did the interview. I was donating all the profits to United Animal Friends, a local foster/rescue/adopt group, and he suggested a book signing in the feed store. I was contacted by one of the ladies from UAF  and she came with her Miniature Schnauzer mix rescue dog named Sedona. Sedona was a big hit, especially with me. My book: “Little Miss Muffitt: Guardian of My Heart” revolves around Muffitt with many other stories thrown in. Muffitt was a Miniature Schnauzer. Now, of course, I want another Miniature Schnauzer…

Between Jeanne and Sedona, we sold a dozen books, mostly “Little Miss Muffitt.” It was heartwarming to meet several others who had either gotten a rescue dog, or were involved with rescue projects. One gentleman stopped by, said he had no time to read, but wanted to make a donation. He gave 25.00 (5 sold books worth of profits) He also had adopted a dog from that group. During that time, my hair lady, Darla, called on my cell phone to say she had sold a horse and mule book… her customer had gotten the dog book first and said she “loved the way I wrote,” (big grin), so on the way home, we dropped off 2 more for her.

What I discovered in selling books is that word of mouth and favorable reviews sells. My hair lady sells more that the local book store did. I love to write about our animals, and by donating all the profits to the local animal rescues, I can get a larger reading audience. Hubby took one to the library as a donation.

Another signing is scheduled for Chino Valley, AZ December 6 at the Olsen’s Feed Store there. If you are in the area, please stop by!

Next event is hosted by good friend Deb Riley, in Prescott, AZ at her home.

My thanks to all who support and love the animals of this world.

“Little Miss Muffitt is dedicated to the many men and women who tirelessly, unselfishly and devotedly work to make this world a better place for all animals. I am honored to count many of you as friends.”

Christmas is coming. These books would make the most wonderful gifts!