As my followers know, I am adamantly against the “big lick” padded show horse. There is nothing beautiful or wonderful about the treatment, training or look of these poor horses. Please write your congress persons and help get the PAST ACT (prevent all soring tactics) passed in congress. It will put more teeth in the 1970 Horse Protection Act for punishment of those caught soring their horses. It almost made it before congress recessed, but the fight isn’t over. We need more supporters.

This video speaks loudly for several things: Two year olds are too young to carry stacks on their feet, a rider, and in this case,slog around in a muddy ring. Yes, it was hot, but a “normal” horse i.e. one that works for a living in all kinds of weather like a cow horse, would hold up better. No horse of any age should be subjected to this. Please help!