A friend who recently lost her favorite horse, Aztec, shared this beautifully written tribute, and is allowing me to share on my blog. I know it will touch the heart of any animal lover or owner.
 After the death of my horse yesterday, I wanted to share this long but thoughtful piece that an old high school buddy sent me on Facebook. I am so humbled by the power of love on this planet. Such comforting words to all of us who love animals. We can cling to them for our times of sorrow and joy for the beauty that animals bring to our lives.

Written by: Charlie Gonzales

“Lifting his head and with a snort Aztec stands up pulling free from his dead and languished body. He glances down one last time to see himself laying there. He is done now, time to move on.
He then glances at the people in the cab of the truck up ahead that is pulling the trailer and gives thanks for the love they had shown him but he does not linger long, he has someplace to be. He then turns his head upwards and with a focused intensity, locks his gaze onto something high above. Looking towards the sky he shouts with a cry of exhilaration and leaps into the air with a focus and intensity so strong it brings a flame, like white fire to his eyes. His spirit free, and as strong as ever he bolts into the sky at a full gallop.
And he runs.
He runs pounding the air under his hooves with such force that thunder echoes across the land and little white clouds form under his feet, his steps crushing out the moisture as he uses the air to climb towards the heavens. His mane alight as if on fire, flowing as he blazes a trail upward, flying ever higher. His muscles rippling and flexing as he ascends, never wavering from his course. Then far above the clouds he lets out a cry of joy as his destination comes into view.
Before him is a gate, enveloped in a blazing golden light appearing as if it is on fire. Beside it two servants of the Lord stand holding it wide open as to not impede Aztec’s passage. He bolts through and continues on at a speed that defies description racing towards the magnificent mansion that he now sees ahead.
He reaches the courtyard of this grand mansion and then leaps for joy, prancing, dancing and bucking, singing a song of praise because he is home. Aztec has returned home.
Then he suddenly stops as he starts to feel a familiar sensation. A feeling of love fills his pounding heart. He turns to see a man like no other. A man that radiates love, life and truth all around him.
“Aztec old boy home so soon? I missed you my friend”.
Aztec steps up to nuzzle this man and presses closer to him, trying to return the love that he feels.
“I am happy to see you old friend. I watched you while you were away. You lived your life well and served others. I am so pleased. Welcome home my good and faithful servant. Enter into the rest that you have earned”.
They then both turn towards the beautiful mansion and start walking together.
“I have a place prepared for you here. This is where you will wait for a time. You know, you are no longer mine. You belong to those who loved and cared for you on earth and here you will wait until they can come and claim you as their own and you’ll be together again”.