New York Police Horse Honored for Role in Foiling Bomb Plot

by: Tracy Gantz  THE HORSE

May 06 2010, Article # 16306

Miggs, the 15-year-old police horse who was one of the first responders to the failed bombing of New York’s Times Square, on May 5 received carrots, apples, and cupcakes for his heroic efforts, according to the website
Miggs and his New York Police Department human partner, Officer Wayne Rhatigan, responded to street vendors about the suspicious Nissan Pathfinder parked in Times Square May 1. Rhatigan noticed smoke coming from the car, called for backup, and helped keep people out of the area.
New York City officials honored many for their efforts in the incident, including Rhatigan; his NYPD partner, Pam Duffy; NYPD’s Bomb Squad; and their bomb-sniffing dogs.
“Usually horses are afraid and run where there’s smoke,” Rhatigan told “But Miggs did what he was supposed to do. He’s proven to be a bomb-proof horse.”
The horse has been part of the NYPD mounted unit for five years, and Rhatigan has partnered him the entire time. Miggs is named for a fallen Staten Island police officer