This is information I just found in a magazine that I think every horse owner should know about. It is a product made from natural ingredients. According to the ad, EQUINE COLIC RELIEF/ECR  helps dissipate gas in the bowel, assists gut rehydration, balances electrolytes and softens any impacted or hardened fecal matter so the hors’s gut can do what it does best. It can go with you anywhere, has a 13 year shelf life and is stable in all temperatures. It is a 4 oz liquid that is administered orally via syringe which is included towards the back of the horse”s mouth. It does not interfere with anything the vet might do, although vet treatments will slow the effect of the product. I personally have lost horses to colic, and would use the product and call the vet, however, what if you were out trail riding alone, or at a show? This could be a marvelous product to have on hand. Please check out the website for much more infomation and how to order. Equine Colic Relief