I want to share a great review for my book: The Horse That Wouldn’t Trot  ( http://www.rosemiller.net/ )by Connie Fenner who owns the Paper Horse Magazin http://www.thepaperhorse.com/  

“You don’t have to have a Tennessee Walking Horse in your barn to become engrossed in The Horse That Wouldn’t Trot, a memoir of one woman’s journey to success from the show ring to the breeding shed.

Success usually comes with a price, and the author paid that price with sleepless nights, countless tears, and heart-wrenching decisions. When you operate a sizeable boarding, breeding and show barn, and you truly love the horses, it seems heartache is always lurking just around the corner, but likewise, the joy.

The narrative dares to discuss the breed’s abusive practices to produce the controversial exaggeration of the Walking Horse’s original smooth gait. Rose Miller bred her horses for excellence through natural talent and training, yet was forced to compete against those who used illegal practices.

The well-written narrative is both revealing and inspirational as the author struggles with her daughter’s brave battle with breast caner, and the stillbirth of her first grandchild. She turns to prayer seeking answers and direction…for her family, her animals and herself.

The Horse That Wouldn’t Trot is suited for horse lovers from 12 to 100, and is full of charming anecdotes of the author’s horses and their personalities. You’ll meet “Nugget,” a successful show mare who wanted nothing more than to be a mother (yes, the author regularly uses an animal communicator), but could not seem to put healthy foals on the ground.

You’ll follow her journey with “Praise Hallelujah,” her nationally-known stallion, and soul mate, who was awesome in the show ring and produced many champions to carry his name. Learn why the author decided to geld him.

Rose Miller’s message is this: follow where you are led, go through doors that open, and trust that even in adversity, you can be blessed.”

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